Making Memories

weddings1Taking portrait photos is a great way to mark the years of your children growing up, family captures, or indeed to send to your loved ones for special occasions. For those of us living away from close family and friends it is always rather special to send photos to them for Christmas and other occasions so why not make it a little bit more special and fun?

In the Studio we have a relaxed atmosphere, puppets and of course my Monkey Lens Buddy who just makes you want to smile! There is no set time limit as of course everyone is different and children can be shy as can some adults - so rather than rush you and give you a time, I say we will be taking photos for about an hour or so with breaks in between.

The same is said for location - I would rather spend a little while getting everyone happy and relaxed before we start the shoot. Children react in very different ways to the camera - some love it and some hate it - like adults really and we want them to be happy and smiling not unhappy and sad!

I do not charge by the hour but by the session this way we all get to enjoy the time spent together.

Photos will be uploaded to the Gallery but you have the option of having Password Protection.  I am happy to travel to you so that you can be in the comfort of your own home or your favourite spot. 

Images will also be available in Black and White/Sepia and for a little something different Select Colour.

Photo session is priced at 65,00€  the sessions normally only take around 1 hour but there is no fixed time limit, it also depends on the size of your family group and getting to know you and your family!


Pamela Jayne